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Mortgages for People New to Canada provide assistance to newcomers in navigating the Canadian real estate market. This includes helping them understand the associated costs such as closing costs and adjustment costs. By opting for a mortgage instead of renting, newcomers can build equity and benefit from their employment and credit sources.

For newcomers looking for higher loan amounts (over $1 million), there are mortgage options available with at least a 20% down payment saved. There is also flexibility when it comes to down payment, with some options allowing for as little as a 5% down payment. Our team will guide newcomers through homebuyer incentive programs and down payment assistance options, ensuring they are aware of any available resources.

We have access to a wide range of lenders in Canada, including large banks, mortgage finance companies, credit unions, and alternative financers. This allows us to design a custom-tailored mortgage product that suits the individual needs of each newcomer. Even if a newcomer does not qualify for a mortgage at their bank due to factors such as limited credit or employment history, we can still secure the best rate for them.

In addition to access to various lenders, we offer innovative tools to streamline the first-time home buying experience for newcomers. These tools ensure efficiency and provide assistance at every step of the process, making the transition to home ownership a smooth one. Our goal is to support newcomers in their journey towards owning a home in Canada.

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