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We offer assistance to newcomers in Canada who are looking to understand the real estate market and the associated costs, such as closing costs and adjustment costs. Our goal is to help them build equity instead of paying rent, taking advantage of employment and credit sources. We specialize in finding the best rates and mortgage options for newcomers, including those looking for higher loan amounts over $1 million with at least a 20% down payment saved, and offering more flexibility on down payment requirements with as little as 5% down. Additionally, we provide information on homebuyer incentive programs and down payment assistance options. With access to all of Canada's top lenders, including large banks, mortgage finance companies, credit unions, and alternative financers, we can create a custom-tailored mortgage product that fits your needs and secures the best rate, even if you don't qualify at your bank due to limited credit or employment history. We also provide access to innovative tools in Canada for an efficient first-time home buying experience.

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